The National History Museum

We were kindly asked to provide our deep cleaning service within the Natural History Museum in Edinburgh, a massive opportunity we could not turn down.

The building of the new museum in Edinburgh opened in 1998 and redeveloped from 2006-2011. The Natural History Museum has several different galleries including science and technology, history and archaeology, the natural world and art, design, and fashion. Within these galleries there are exhibits dated back to the 1920s!

The Natural History Museum suited in Chalmers Street reached out to us after we were recommended by a fellow client.

First thing Wednesday morning, our amazing facilities staff made their way to Edinburgh. All set up and ready to clean for 9am, they then began to dust, disinfect, and hoover all areas including hotspots, making sure to pay close attention detail. Making sure to cover all areas of the premises is a critical factor in us providing the best quality cleaning.

Hotspot cleaning is the process of disinfecting key areas or items that are touched frequently throughout the day. These objects include doorknobs, light switches, rails, elevator buttons, keyboards, coffee machines, printers and any other surfaces that see frequent human contact. Taking this extra step in our cleaning procedure is now more essential than ever as it offers the best type of protection against viruses or bacteria that may invade the premises. It can also minimise the workforce’s absenteeism from spiking which can result in productivity plunging.

After an inspection from our supervisors Aileen and Susan the job was complete after a successful full day of cleaning. Tony the facilities manager said he was extremely impressed with the job and that he will continue to use our services in the future!


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