RE/MAX: Another successful deep-clean by Get It Done

A deep-clean of REMAX in Dunfermline

We proudly supply regular commercial cleaning to RE/MAX in Dunfermline town centre. After a suspected positive case, we were asked by RE/MAX manager Adrian to provide an anti-Covid deep-clean to make sure that all of his staff are taken care of.

We made sure that we could provide our services as quickly as possible to allow the staff to return safely. RE/MAX are a pleasure to work with, therefore we were pleased to be able to help them with such an important task.

RE/MAX is a global estate agent spread over 100 countries, it’s made up of more than 110,000 sales associates within 7,000 offices worldwide. They help their customers with the pricing of their home, preparing their home for sale, the advertising of their home and more.

One of our main aims is to keep both our clients and our staff safe from coronavirus by using high quality cleaning products and to ensure that all correct PPE is in place.

Each room within RE/MAX, alongside every piece of furniture, was fogged down to ensure the eradication of any airborne microorganisms and that all hard surfaces were disinfected. Enhanced cleaning of touchpoints such as door handles, telephones and light switches were a particular focus to enable staff to return as soon as possible whilst knowing that their work area is safe.

Following a final inspection, the comprehensive deep-clean was confirmed as finished by our two senior supervisors, Aileen and Susan. They have an eye for perfection, and perfection is what they delivered.

We take pride in the hard work that goes into each one of our cleans and are delighted when we know that our clients are happy. Adrian said that he could tell straight away that his premises had been deep-cleaned and that he felt a lot safer and more at ease knowing that a fantastic clean had took place.

After 2 hours, it was another deep-clean successfully completed by the great Get It Done staff.

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