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We have a variety of consumables that we can provide and advise on – all tailored to your needs.

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Competitive Prices

There are lots of products on the market and with our expert advice, we can provide efficient and more suitable options. Due to our buying power, we have very competitive prices.

What We Do

Full range of Cleaning Products, Janitorial Supplies and Consumable Items

Along with our Cleaning Services we offer a full range of Cleaning Products, Janitorial Supplies and Consumable Items.

Not only can we provide a second to none Cleaning Service, we can supply you with the best in Environmentally Friendly Cleaning supplies. If you get you your cleaning service from us or not, we will offer you the same great value on all the products we offer.

Hand towels, hand dryers, logo mats, sanitary bins, loo roll, soap… we’ve got it all covered.

Environmentally Friendly

Cleaning Products

At Get It Done Cleaning Services, we try our best to go down the environmentally friendly route as we feel that this is the ethical direction that we, as a company, want to follow.

We work hard with our suppliers to ensure that many of the products we use are specially formulated to have a minimal impact on the environment.

This includes manufacturers complying with ISO Accreditation and EU Regulations, covering biodegradability and protection of the environment, use of recycled materials, less energy consumption and reduction of emissions to air, water and land.

Environmentally Friendly