Why Outsource to a Commercial Cleaning Company?

Imagine a company of medium proportions. It’s no longer a start-up, yet it still hasn’t reached the point that it can be considered one of the big guns in the industry to which it belongs. Since it’s neither small nor large, this company has employees that perform what’s needed to keep the company running. It will most certainly have an Operations Department, a Human Resources and Administrative Department and perhaps a Quality Assurance and/or Training Department.

While this company may have marketing requirements, it may not have a Marketing Department of its own, because it is:

  • Easier to outsource marketing services than to have full-time employees to promote products and services, since the company is not yet that big, anyway
  • More practical to get marketing consultants than having to rely on in-house efforts because the company is no longer that small, it can now afford to pay for outsourced services

If companies are willing to go that route when it comes to getting outsourced marketing services, then it’s logical that they also go down that path when thinking about their company’s cleaning requirements. Especially when it comes to hiring a commercial cleaning company.

The Nature of Consultants

Consultants are experts in their field. They have a wealth of practical experience behind them along with theoretical knowledge and industry contacts that enable them to keep up with all of the latest trends and best practice.

When a company retains the services of consultants, outsourcing is taking place.  Most outsourced work comes with satisfaction guarantees, particularly if they are done on a Business-to-Business (B2B) basis.

It’s not common to think of a commercial cleaning company as a professional consultant. However, they are professional outsourcers and/or consultants, in the same way that a marketing firm can be a professional consultant and/or outsourcer. They are solution providers, which is a highly professionally targeted niche.

Commercial Cleaning Company — A Matter of Perspective

A commercial cleaning company, no matter how good their reputation may be and no matter if they’ve been in the business for a long time, is often not seen as a consultant or a solution provider. That’s because of stereotyping or biases that are common in the corporate world.

Cleaning is often not seen as an important function of a company.  In fact, it’s usually at the very bottom of the totem pole. Keeping a facility clean, sanitary and presentable is often just seen as an afterthought. It’s something that’s usually relegated to the furthest back-ends of a business, or even neglected because cleaning doesn’t involve services performed by people in formal business attire. Nor does the nature of cleaning services require the use of equipment or materials that are routinely used in most companies, such as computers and audio-visual presentations.

However, a company that uses a commercial cleaning company can:

  • Attract and keep customers much longer and foster loyalty to the company
  • Create and maintain a company image or reputation that is positive and highly appealing to their target market, as well as the general public
  • Be assured of receiving services that are not only backed-up by performance guarantees, but are also performed to the highest standards

Consultants and/or outsourcers are only as good as their last job. Their continued existence as business entities largely depends on how much satisfaction their customers get from the services that they provide. So, it’s in their best interests to keep on providing the highest standards of quality in their work.

With an assurance like that, it makes sense to outsource to a commercial cleaning company?