How to Flu-Proof Your Office

The arrival of winter signifies the start of flu season, a time when contagious germs spread rapidly among individuals spending more time indoors. This can have a significant impact on productivity in the workplace. To prevent the flu from overwhelming your office, consider implementing the following steps:

Prioritise Sick Employee Rest: Urge unwell employees to recover at home, as allowing them to continue working can facilitate the rapid transmission of germs. By ensuring sick individuals leave the office, you effectively eliminate the spread of germs.

Maintain Cleanliness: In the event of sick employees or after sending them home, implement thorough disinfection measures. Assign a designated staff member to sanitise commonly touched surfaces such as doorknobs, copier buttons, and fridge handles in the lunchroom. This practice will help reduce the risk of cross-contamination among staff members.

Reinforce Hygiene Practices: In workplaces where the flu has already made an appearance, post reminders in restrooms and lunch/break rooms to encourage thorough handwashing. Since the flu often spreads through hand-to-hand contact, maintaining clean hands can prevent further transmission.

Seek Professional Cleaning Services: Engaging a professional cleaning company, like Get it Done Cleaning Services, can significantly minimise the risk of an office-wide flu outbreak. Their expertise ensures comprehensive cleaning, including often overlooked areas, reducing the chance of a single sick employee starting an epidemic.

Recognise the immense value of maintaining a clean and hygienic office, particularly during the winter months when people spend most of their time indoors. Contact Get it Done Cleaning Services today to flu-proof your office this winter and enjoy a healthier work environment.