Deep clean at Cress Co

Get it Done Cleaning were given the fantastic opportunity to provide an after build deep clean for Cress Co to help them prepare to move in alongside us in Queensferry View.  The whole building has been under renovation, resulting in build-up of dust and dirt.

Fife Group

Fife Group are experts in commercial property, warehousing services and self-storage. We occupy a commercial office space within one of Fife Groups new property along with other companies including Cress Co.  They recognised the full potential of the premises and have created an office space that provides an amazing working environment. There was a large scale of construction work carried out to transform property and due to this, it was important for us to carry out an after build deep clean.

Cress Co

Cress Co are a local fine food distributor. From starting the business back in 2004, they have grown significantly over the years and have been voted by the members of the Guild of Fine Food for the top distributor 2020, this now being the 4th consecutive year!

They distribute many different types of food and drink to different delis, cafes, bars, farm shops, butchers, and more all over the country.  From starting with only a small lock up and their company vehicle, they now have several different distribution centres across the UK including one in Telford, Wetherby, Leighton Buzzard and of course Dunfermline. They have been and are continuing to go from strength to strength!

The Deep Clean

Wednesday morning, 6 of our amazing facilities staff joined together to start the deep clean. There were several offices, a main reception, toilets, stairs, walls, and the hallway to clean.

Due to the massive scale of renovation work, it was essential that we covered every area of the premises to make sure all the dust and dirt was eliminated. It is important to wait after the builders have left to carry out an after build clean as you want to ensure that there is no time wasted cleaning an area for only more dust to settle.

Firstly, all rubbish that was left behind was removed. The dust and debris were swept and vacuumed and then all surfaces were wiped down with appropriate products.

We used a lambs wool duster to remove the dust from the walls, ceiling and hard to reach areas. Lambs wool is naturally made up of fibres and lanolin, which create static electricity and allow lambs wool dusters to collect dust.

It was also important that we deep cleaned windows  to remove the build-up of dust or grime. Our window cleaners use the most efficient tools on the market while using expert washing techniques to ensure the highest possible cleaning standards are met and maintained.

After a successful 10 hour clean and working together as a team, the premises was cleaned to the highest possible standard. After a final inspection from our supervisors Aileen and Susan the job was complete.

We now provide our regular commercial cleaning services for Cress Co. We also supply them with their products and consumables while also suppling and fitting their dispensers from paper towel to hand sanitiser!


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