An intricate and professional deep-clean in Burntisland

Fife cleaning Get It Done

The trustees of Burntisland Parish Church are always a pleasure to deal with. Always polite, always cordial and always up for a blether. So, it was brilliant to be able to help them in such a significant way with a sizable deep-clean at the Parish Church Halls on East Leven Street.

The premises are very much halls plural: there are two, both significant in size. Those would be a large enough task in isolation, but there was also an office, kitchen, toilet facilities, hallways and a function room.

Bright and early in the morning, seven cleaners were on hand as well as two office staff to begin the work. The plan was to assign an initial section to each cleaner, complete the individual section and then it would be all hands on deck to complete the largest hall last.

So, as the Get It Done staff always do, they got straight down to work and within an hour had made rapid progress. As staff completed one section, they’d join in on another section. After 2 hours it was just the larger of the two halls left.

The huge area, the equivalent of a 5-a-side football pitch, firstly needed to be vacuumed to clear it of debris. The chairs were next, around 100 in all, with each one needing a thorough wipe-down with anti-biological agent – essential in the fight against Covid. The tables were next before the biggest part of the clean, a comprehensive mopping down of the extensive laminate surface. But seven professionals with decades of experience completed the huge area within an hour. From being covered in a thick layer of stubborn dust to gleaming, the difference was massive. The facility was again fit for use having been carefully disinfected section by section, inch by inch.

Upon completion, all that was left was a final inspection by senior supervisors Aileen and Susan. With a keen eye for even the slightest imperfection, nothing gets past them. But the task was deemed to be complete and ahead of schedule.

Of course, when the halls will be in active use again is unknown, but should it be sooner rather than later, it’s all ready to go thanks to the intricate and professional job done by the fantastic Get It Done staff.

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