An anti-Covid deep-clean at Wemyss Parish Church

Fife anti Covid deep-cleaning cleaning company

Following a recommendation from Burntisland Parish Church, we were delighted to help another place of worship further along the Fife coast with an anti-Covid deep-clean at Wemyss Parish Church in West Wemyss near Kirkcaldy.

Dating back to the 17th century, the beautiful building had four cleaning staff on hand as well as two from the office team.

Often, the challenge with a deep-clean isn’t so much the surface areas that must be covered, more the amount of free-standing furniture. Take stackable plastic chairs, for example. As well as a church service on a Sunday, such buildings are often used for community events every day. Therefore, it’s not unusual for a building of this size to have as many as 100 seats – each and every one of them needing to be thoroughly cleaned with antibacterial agent to kill off any biological contaminants that may have been present.

However, no task is too large for the Get It Done professionals and it was just a case of knuckling down as a team. Nobody was counting, but each and every chair, plastic or wooden, upholstered or not, was completed alongside all of the other furnishings.

The entire building was finished in just over 2 hours. Just as things were being wrapped up, a group of curious Church committee members arrived to see the finished article. The quality of work was obvious, and the positive feedback was immediate.

Session Clerk Linda Young said, “Can I just say, the girls worked really hard and did an amazing job. We are grateful that Burntisland Church recommended you. Many thanks to the team.”

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