A major deep-clean at Craig & Rose, Dunfermline

Deep-clean at Craig and

A total of 16 staff members, 13 of them cleaners, were on hand to oversee a major deep-clean at the huge Craig & Rose facility in Dunfermline.

Established in 1829, Craig & Rose are one of the UK’s oldest paint manufacturers. Having already established a firm relationship with Get It Done as their main office cleaning contractor and hygiene product supplier, it was a natural choice for Craig & Rose to use us for arguably the largest and most important sanitation operation in their 191-year history.

Starting with the main administration offices on the upper level, the team of 13 cleaners (with a combined cleaning experience of 91 years) carefully ensured that every inch of every surface was treated with anti-biological agent – harmless to humans but easily the most effective way of eradicating any trace of possible Covid contaminants.

With the safety of our staff paramount, all were provided with protective coveralls, overshoes, plastic aprons, gloves, facemasks and visors. Such PPE is difficult and uncomfortable to work in, but the professionalism of Get It Done’s staff shone through with an unspoken acceptance that it’s what’s needed to keep everyone safe.

Having completed one sizable task on the upper level, including the adjacent restrooms and communal areas, 4 staff members commenced work on the descending stairway. Meanwhile, 6 others set about the various administration offices, restrooms and communal areas on the ground floor. The remaining staff oversaw the fogging of the entire warehouse area.

‘Fogging’ is an essential part of our decontamination process. The fine mist penetrates all areas to kill off any biological agents. It’s, by far, best way of covering difficult and/or large areas and kills all contaminants effectively.

As the fogging neared completion and with all of the hallways finished, the main reception area was all that was left. The team made precise but short work of the space and with the warehouse and adjacent shop floor offices comprehensively decontaminated, all that was left was a final inspection.

With a fine-tooth comb and years of experience, Senior Supervisors Aileen and Susan examined each and every area independently of each other, meaning that each section was scrutinised twice before a final check by Get It Done company director, Colin McLeod.

Having made a perfect job of it, the deep-clean was completed with the removal of protective coveralls and other PPE outside of the building (together with appropriate social distancing). The premises had no Craig & Rose personnel present during the deep-clean, and having finished the task ahead of schedule, the reception keys needed to be handed over to an authorised Craig & Rose employee, so Senior Supervisor Aileen volunteered to stay behind until they appeared.

Having already overseen several deep-cleans of similar size and scale, this was proof, if proof be needed, that Get It Done is Fife’s go-to cleaning company when premises large or small require the essential work that keeps employees safe in the workplace.

We thank Craig & Rose for their continued faith in Get It Done and our positive working relationship is one that we hope to see for many years to come.

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